Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at UC Berkeley


Are you considering pursuing your Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at UC Berkeley? You might have a myriad of questions swirling in your mind about this esteemed program. Let’s delve into some key inquiries that many prospective students often ponder:

How hard is it to get into Berkeley MPH?

Securing admission to the UC Berkeley MPH program can be competitive, as it attracts a pool of highly qualified applicants from diverse academic and professional backgrounds. The admissions committee evaluates candidates based on various criteria, including academic achievements, relevant work experience, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and GRE scores (optional for 2024 admissions). However, each applicant is considered holistically, so don’t be deterred from applying if you’re passionate about public health and possess a strong application profile.

Does UC Berkeley have a masters in Public Health?

Yes, UC Berkeley offers a comprehensive Master of Public Health (MPH) program through its esteemed School of Public Health. With a rich history of academic excellence and innovation, Berkeley’s MPH program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience needed to address complex public health challenges on a global scale.

What is UC Berkeley MPH ranking?

UC Berkeley’s MPH program consistently ranks among the top public health programs globally. Its dedication to research, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community engagement has earned it a prestigious reputation in the field of public health education and practice. While specific rankings may vary, UC Berkeley’s commitment to excellence remains unwavering.

Is Berkeley public health good?

Absolutely! Berkeley’s public health program is renowned for its cutting-edge research, renowned faculty, and impactful community initiatives. Whether you’re interested in epidemiology, health policy, environmental health sciences, or global health, Berkeley offers a diverse range of specializations to cater to your academic and professional interests.

Is Berkeley the hardest UC to get into?

While UC Berkeley is undoubtedly competitive, whether it’s the hardest UC to get into is subjective and depends on various factors, including the program, applicant pool, and individual strengths. Berkeley’s rigorous academic standards and esteemed reputation attract high-caliber students from around the world, making the admissions process competitive across all disciplines.

Is Berkeley harder to get into than Harvard?

Comparing admissions difficulty between UC Berkeley and Harvard can be challenging due to their distinct application processes, acceptance rates, and program offerings. Both institutions are highly selective and attract top-tier talent from diverse backgrounds. Ultimately, your fit with the program and your ability to showcase your unique strengths play a significant role in the admissions process.

What UC is best for Public Health?

UC Berkeley stands out as one of the best UC campuses for public health education and research. With its interdisciplinary approach, renowned faculty, and access to cutting-edge resources, Berkeley provides an enriching environment for students passionate about addressing pressing public health issues.

Does UC Berkeley MPH require GRE?

For the 2024 admissions cycle, UC Berkeley’s MPH program has made the GRE optional, recognizing that standardized test scores may not fully capture an applicant’s potential or readiness for graduate-level study. However, prospective students should review the latest admissions requirements and guidelines on the program’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

Does UC Berkeley accept international students?

Yes, UC Berkeley warmly welcomes applications from international students who demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to public health. As a global institution dedicated to diversity and inclusion, Berkeley values the unique perspectives and contributions of international students to its academic community.

Why UC Berkeley for MPH?

Berkeley’s MPH program offers unparalleled opportunities for academic growth, professional development, and real-world impact. From its renowned faculty to its vibrant campus culture, Berkeley provides a supportive and dynamic environment where students can thrive intellectually and personally while making meaningful contributions to public health practice and policy.


Embarking on the journey to pursue a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at UC Berkeley is a transformative endeavor filled with boundless opportunities for academic growth, professional development, and societal impact. With its distinguished faculty, cutting-edge research initiatives, and vibrant community, Berkeley’s MPH program stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of public health education and practice.

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