What Tool is Used to Protect Electrical Installation Cables?

What tool is used to protect electrical installation cables?

Situation.id –  What tool is used to protect electrical installation cables? In the world of electricity, there are various types of tools with different benefits and functions. One important aspect of electricity is the electrical installation components. This component can be a main or supporting component, and has a crucial role in keeping electricity running well.

Types of Essential Electrical Installation Components

There are many types of electrical installation components needed to maintain a smooth installation.

Each component has its own function and use. Before carrying out an electrical installation, it is important to understand these components in depth.

Electrical Installation Cable Protection

One very important component is a tool that functions to protect electrical installation cables so that they are not easily disturbed or spread to other parts.

This tool is a crucial part in maintaining the safety and performance of electrical installations.

Get to Know Important Components: Electrical Pipes

In this article, we will focus on components that aim to protect electrical installation cables, namely electrical pipes.

Electrical pipes function to provide protection for electrical conductors when mechanical problems occur.

Apart from that, electrical pipes also protect cables from dangers that can cause damage to the cable itself.


A tool that functions to protect electrical installation cables is

A. Fittings

B. Fuse

C. Electrical pipes

D. Conductor wire

E. All answers are correct


The correct answer is C


As previously explained, electric pipes are tools used to protect electrical installation cables. This pipe provides mechanical protection to electrical conductors and prevents damage to cables.

Alternative Answer:

Fittings are components used as lamp holders, such as in incandescent lamps, neon lamps and several other types of lamps. A fuse is a device used as a safety device when an electrical overload or short circuit occurs. Electrical conductor wire has the main function of conducting electricity.


In electrical installations, the use of electrical pipes is the right solution to protect electrical installation cables. However, it is always important to do further research and compare with other references to ensure an accurate answer according to the specific situation in your electrical installation. That way, you can ensure the safety and smooth running of electricity in your place.

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